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    Jürgen Seger, CDT

    Swiss Dental Technician Certification in 1985. 1985 - 1989 development in technical education for fixed prosthodontics (ceramics) at several dental laboratories (Switzerland , Germany and USA ) In1989 he was directing a dental laboratory in Liechtenstein specialized in ceramic and implant supported work. 1991 he was leading many esthetic courses and postgraduate education as an Instructor for Ivoclar Vivadent and is invited to lecture and teach on esthetic dentistry worldwide. Since 1993 he is visiting Faculty at leading teaching Academies worldwide and author and co-author of articles on esthetic dentistry. 2009 he became Head of the International Center for Dental Education ICDE technical Ivoclar Vivadent Liechtenstein )and is actively involved in research and product development pertaining to new dental materials and technology